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  • "Just brilliant." - Joe.My.God.
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  • "...he is frightfully eloquent..." - The Conjecturer
  • "...awesome writing and reading. im jealous..." - ElectroPlankton
  • "He can write circles around most everybody in the blogosphere and his political examinations tend toward the brilliant" - Bill In Exile


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Aatom has been a New York-based writer for almost a decade. A long string of odd jobs, such as assisting a French anti-marijuana crusading research scientist who was a former spy in the Resistance, gave him all of the quirky life experience necessary to drone endlessly on about almost anything. The best advice he ever received was to "never trust a woman spy," an omen that prefigured his stint with the all-female staff of a national print magazine for the past five years. Currently, Aatom writes for noiZe magazine as a Sr. Editor, and sporadically on his blog. He is desperately seeking freelance work as a copywriter. Brother, can you spare $50/hr?


All is mystery; but he is a slave who will not struggle to penetrate the dark veil. - Benjamin Disraeli


It is infinitely preferable to be unknown in a city that is everything than to be famous in a city that is nothing. - Julio Cortázar


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