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Wednesday, June 25, 2008



And what's worse is that some of the blogs or bloggers that fall into this category started out by making grandiose statements, their blogs become must links to and from, the other bloggers become even more motivated and everything is hunky dory. Until one day, they're gone.

They cut and run from their own blogs, eventually disappearing altogether affecting everyone else's blog rankings.

I'd love to get a Typepad but...


I hate it when blogs I like disappear. Screw you blogging-quitters! Grrr!

With that said, I feel much the same way you do despite some personal ups and downs lately. Life's good and I'm actually looking forward to things again.

Here's to muddling through!

Sprague D

Well, I know how scary being unemployed can be -- I was in a similar sitch about 10 years ago. But the trends in the ad industry are in your favor. Especially at the big agencies, where they are throwing full-timers overboard in favor of freelancers. If you have pharma experience all the better.

With your extra time, you might think about starting another blog just about professional issues (the life of a copywriter, pharma DTC, changing ad economics, etc.). Could help raise your profile, make connections. And, though you are loathe to join social networks -- LinkedIn is your friend.

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