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Monday, February 25, 2008


North Dallas Thirty

Oy, that is way too cute for words. And yes, Rocco works better; it has that vaguely-threatening Italian street thug air about it that will sound cooler and more imposing when you call him ("Hey Rocco! C'mere, ya mug!").


He's adorable!!! So damn cute.

I have a foster kitty I'm about to adopt. My 18-year-old cat Shadow passed away in October.

Check out She Who Will Soon Be Named:


Awwwww...whatta sweet baby!


If you behave like responsible guardians he will change your lives in ways small and huge and every single one of those changes will be for the better and make you happier people.



Thanks. It's only been two weeks and I've already glimpsed the truth in what you say, Scott. There was a well-hidden stockpile of maternal instincts buried deep in my psyche, apparently. I haven't seen this many 8 am's since I stopped pulling 72 hour weekends.


So damn adorable!

wess the dj

awww. you are now finally a full-fledged lesbian couple. love the puppay. i want to meet him soon.

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