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Tuesday, July 31, 2007



I would so fire your ass if I were your boss and read this.


working for you would be punishment enough.


I think you be fired too.

You're fired.


On the other hand, a semi-enlightened manager would see the post for what it is -- an expression of frustration by an employee who cares enough about his company to be upset over the direction it's taking...

I think it's going to take a generational change before media companies really leverage digital platforms effectively -- Conde included, who were notoriously late to the game in putting content online. People are still wedded to offline-style business models, because they know them and they worked well for so long. And that goes for the ad side, too.

Tina K

Le snore. Is this blog dead?

Yuck Yuck

Still nothing? Married life sure ties you up, huh.


Only when we're feeling frisky. More TK, kids, don't worry!

Matt Sanchez

Aatombomb is a real human. Wow. And I thought you were just a figment of someone's hateful imagination.




I'm not fond of comments that don't pertain to the content of my posts. So goodbye.


Your loss, it's most traffic this crappy blog will ever see.


If I was doing it for the traffic, I would post more often!


Fair enough.

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