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Saturday, April 07, 2007



You made me really want to go there. Will I find true love and live happy ever afer?

NoNo Konono

Nice blog writing. This was very informative. Thank you for the update. I believe I will go there soon and visit friends.


You have friends?


Beautiful without a doubt but innocent? I know you're young and missed the period from 1982 to 1994 on the island but that decade long era - until the advent of protease inhibitors - was characterized by the deaths of literally thousands of island goers. I think F.I long ago lost any pretensions to innocence.


I guess we just have a different perspective on what innocence looks like.


Forgive me for seeming obtuse but I have no idea what that last comment means Aatom.

If by perspective you mean the perspective of years and years of watching dozens of friends who I used to share the joy of Fire Island with get sick and die, many because of our behavior conducted while in that idyllic meatrack that you paint so romantic a picture of then yeah I guess my perspective of innocence is probably levened by that. But I've got a little newsflash for ya, even today and with all the health information we've had shouted at us for so many years, well, those boys ain't just "gawking and fondling" one another as if they were innocent little wood sprites flitting from dune to dune spreading fairy dust and joy. They're fucking each other up the ass Aatom and frequently without condoms. Surely even from your perspective you could see that?

So perspective? Yeah, maybe I do know what you mean and I'd say we definitely have differing perspectives.


I merely suggest that perhaps a place can exist on a slightly higher plane of innocence than the humans who inhabit it. Isn't that what gives a place like Fire Island its magic? Please save your breathless indignation for someone else. It is absurd and political alchemy to taint the magic of a place with the complex behavior that some may practice there. It is no fault of mine that I have been witness to far more innocence than freewheeling recklessness in the Pines, and I defy your no doubt very real, but unfortunately very narrow, perception of the place as merely a setting for suicidal sex.


Do you have a little book of phrases that you use in order to come up with fatuously grandiose turns like "absurd and political alchemy?" I'm pretty sure I'm not stupid and yet that is the second thing you've said in this exchange of ours that seems to mean nothing but does sound kinda nice. I'm also pretty sure nobody has accused you of being at "fault" for anything so step down off that defensive high horse you've climbed up on before you fall and hurt yourself.

I agree that yes, a place should be able to exist on a higher plane than the people who inhabit it (especially when you remove those people from that place) but unfortunately we are the ones who define that place and that plane by virtue of our presence. Face it Aatom, if the people weren't there you wouldn't be going there or writing posts about it. And I'll go out on a limb here and say that your claim that the Meat Rack somehow "resists the sinister implication of its name" demonstrates clearly that you are more interested in flights of rhetorical fancy than in fact. Yes the Meat Rack posseses incredible natural beauty - as all F.I does - but to blithely imply as you do that it is somehow immune or divorced from what the humans who go there use it for (while trying to have it both ways it seems by tying the meat rack directly to human behavior in your original post)and to couch the behavior of those people in the fanciful terms that you did - as I said, there's more than gawking and fondleing going on there - is patently ridiculous and would seem to indicate that you've either never actually been there or having been chose to ignore the use to which its put so you could write some fancy prose about it.

And for the record my perception of the Pines is not merely as a freewheeling place for sex - that is something that you've erroneously attributed to me for the sake of scoring a cheap debate point. And although my perceptions of the Pines cannot be divorced from the community that lives there and defines "the place" and therefore those perceptions may well be "unfortunately very narrow" as you so charmingly put it at least they're honest.


I'm never quite sure if you are actually this bitter and negative in real life or if you just enjoy arguing, Scott. You think whatever you want about the place, I'm too busy conjuring cheap rhetorical flourishes to argue.


Bitter? Negative? Where's bitter and negative? And it was cheap debate points and fatuously grandiose rhetoric and not cheap rhetorical flourishes but I won't hold that against you because I know you are way too busy divining the political alchemy in things to be bothered with a thing like reading for comprehension. And I'll have you know that unlike some people I'm much too polite to mention (you) I am not a one dimensional simulacra of a professional homosexual. I'm bitter and upbeat in equal measures and both negative, plumbing the lowest possible depths of despair, while at the same time soaring to the summit of ecstasy that all my positive thinking engenders all the while enjoying an argument just for the sake of the argument even if I may not believe a word of what I'm saying. And if that isn't political alchemy then I don't know what is.

On second thought it sounds a bit bi-polar if not down right nuts doesn't it? Never mind.


lol. you are definitely nuts. But always enraging..i mean engaging.

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