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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Max Dennis

Like a bad Dennis Miller commentary, this blog left me wishing you didn't feel ike you had so much to prove about your vocabulary. Keep up the good work and come back to the reality that is modern life.


how's Jeff?


Max Dennis

yes...I know....I spelled "like" wrong....


Sorry to get all polysyllabic on you.


I think he has great legs, so how bad can he possibly be?


You've seen Maer Roshan's legs?


This actually sadened me. Damn Radar.. I really despise that magazine..

Hope all is well mister :)


*peers around*


Hrm. And just where has Aatom gotten off to?

Er, that question is a lot less loaded than it might seem on the surface.

Sprague Dawley

My dear, there is *nothing* New Media about Maer. He's as old school as you get. He wants nothing more than to be Graydon Carter Jr. -- not surprising that he doesn't "get" the value of online efforts...

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