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Wednesday, December 06, 2006



Wow. Are they bored over there or what?

Besides, my dogs are way cuter. As are my cats. And horses. And Guinea pigs. And parakeets.

And I haven't even gotten around to gushing about how cute my former underwear model boyfriend is. ;)


So you're not a cuteoverload reader then?


We're sorry you got left off of the blogroll for a couple of days! We were using a dial up computer in Maine and it became to annoying to do everything so we dropped all updates until we come back to NYC and real internet. But you're back on now and we are re-thinking the re-design.

Maybe we'll actually meet this year?


that makes me feel so much better, my life is rather meaningless unless I exist on the Fagat Guide roll. I certainly hope we can finally make a live aquaintance this year, I suppose I'll have to truck my ass over to the east village sometime to look for you...

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