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Wednesday, October 11, 2006



Thanks for the plug! Once I get paid, I intend to subscribe.

Michael S

I just got my copy in the mail, and intend to turn off the TV and read it tonight. If it is even one half as well written as your post, it's going to floor people.

I need to say how pleased--and proud--I am to know you, and see how marvelously you have frittered away your life.


Don't hold your breath waiting for your first issue to arrive Josh. I won a single lousy copy of the kickoff issue for answering a really, really, really hard quiz question on this blog about three months ago and I still haven't gotten my copy yet.

I don't think Aatom actually has anything to do with the publication because I heard from another unnamed blogger (Boozhy) that Aatom was spotted working the register at Gristedes and every time someone would start to unload their cart he'd give the person a little chicken head, wag his bony, Lee Press-on nail adorned finger and say "Unh unh, I'm or break girrl."


I've been on break for a long time, girl. I thought I told Rami to send that issue to you. He's such a lazy Cuban. Anyway, the check's in the mail. Keep your harness on.


Don't worry Scott - if I held my breath waiting for a gay man to be reliable I'd have passed out a decade ago :-)


Are you calling me a fag?


No, no, no, I'd never do that. Well, yes.


lol. you go, girl.

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