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Sunday, August 06, 2006


Michael S

That's a very familiar print you posted Aatom; in fact I have one exactly like it in my bathroom at Fire Island. The flash shot was examined under FBI quality photo analysis and the reflection on the glass showed you, yeah you, holding a camera, and stark blinkin' buck neked. Gotcha.


May we presume your name is Mark, Rick or Steve?


lol. nice try, Joe, but I just shoot track lighting, I don't have any.

Here are some tantalizing clues about my real name:

I was "Israel's great support during the seventy years of the Babylonian captivity", which would explain some of my political leanings.

I "disputed with the devil over the body of Moses" in the New testament of Jude, which would explain my quarrelsome nature.

And in the East, I am the special patron of "sick people, mariners, and grocers", strangely enough.

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