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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Michael S

Who the hell ever said a pope was any better than the rest of us? Despite the pomp and supposed holy closer connection to Christ, he's just a man with human frailties and narrow mindedness. Popes always have been more political & military than spiritual, and Benedict is looking after the family business.

The memory of what a pope did to Galileo stings even now.

If keeping his flock of sheep ignorant silent or in jail is the key to his retaining control, he's going to do it. RC's and the rest of us need to realize is that the man is standing in front of, and blocking man's view of the real God.

Look beyond the vain man in the dress and Prada shoes.


Wow. You knew Galileo? Figures. You know everybody.

Michael S

Yeah, the entire universe is connected to all of it's pieces and parts. That's the theory, and it makes sense in the Eastern philosophy too. It's what Kharma is all about. Every move, every pebble cast into a lake affects everything else in the system.

From a bus window I saw a sign on Third Avenue: "JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS" and I thought defensively, "well I never asked him to". Hell, if the man was here today, I wonder if he'd be so glad to give it up for the likes of us. There is something very unwholesome and troubling about organized religion - all of it.

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