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Monday, June 05, 2006


Michael S

Has it only been 25 years? My first lover Stephen Shapiro died in 1981 in Florida. They had no idea what it was. He was in and out of New York with purple lesions no dermatologist could figure out. He lived in Coconut Grove, and he had to have connected with it some significant time before he died, so I'd say HIV has been around lots longer than a quarter century. By the time the doctors realized he had something big and real, they dosed him with everything except Raid, but it was too late. He realized he wasn't going to make it so he threw himself a huge party. That was Steve.

Michael S

I never heard an AIDS service provider shriek, and with due respect to their noble position in our community and the hard work they do, it's a demeaning way to describe them. Now, say you're sorry. Nasty boy.


When the shrieking starts, I'll avoid the "I told you so". Some of my best friends are in the industry, so I should not paint with too broad a brush, but there will be resistance to this CDC recommendation, trust me.

And my understanding is that the anniversary is of the first mention of HIV in a medical journal, which was indeed 25 years ago.


I like to joke around and tease you. But seriously, thanks for your grace, humor and dignity.


Thanks, Tommy.


I don't know what to say, but I just wanted to say something. At the moment articulation escapes me so I'll just give you the biggest internet hug anyone has ever given.


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