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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Michael S

Macy's: For heaven's sake don't ever shop there. I was ini there some years ago to buy sheets, and bought around forty dollars worth. The clerk convinced me to set up a Macy's charge account - she said they get some kind of boon whan they do that, so I did. I'm blind with the small print they put on the backs of these "contracts" so she explained the details saying it was just like American Express. I trusted her, but she had no idea she was working for Satan.
I paid the bill late, so they added 20 bucks as a late fee. I paid them sixty, and since they got the sixty late, they kept billing me on the late fees. It's been years now, the late fees on the late fees have piled up. I got phone calls, threatening letters, ugly bill collectors calling me at home, and still they call. This is illegal, yet they do it. Be warned: there is nothing nice about Macy's; not a damn thing, not even their stupid parade. You know, the one with balloons that fall down and kill people?


I've tried shopping there - apparently getting one of their cards is one of the best ways to start a credit rating in the US - but just stepping into that perfume and make-up area is bewildering. There are no maps, no clear indications as to how to get to where you want to, just too many clerks with noxious perfume bottles and lipstick. Those people scare me.

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