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Monday, June 12, 2006



Being there this night, I have to say that it is a brave mea culpa you are writing here Michael. It's never easy to admit that you are wrong, even when it's obvious and right away. "Everybody is a little bit racist" mellow the Avenue Q song... mellows everyone in its own mind... Gay, Republican puppets, black, white, French, Jews, even future ex recovering alcoholics. In shock is what we all are still right now regarding of the jaw dropping events of the past few days... And counting? Let's hope not and continue to show the world our pride... in movement!


You will be in my thoughts and prayers, Kevin.

That's a gut-wrenching post, Aatom. And a well written lesson that many of us who think we know ourselves should take to heart.

Michael S

Kevin? He's the sweetest warmest man, and I mean man. These horrific little bastards ought to be horse whipped. I'm feeling physically sick at thinking of what happened to him. Hello 2006?

Who wants to bet the cops never solve this one?


Four of them have been arrested on hate crimes charges already.

But the Washington Post reports that "at roughly the same time as Aviance was beaten, three gay men were attacked by seven or eight men in the working-class neighborhood of Astoria, Queens, Patton said." That's the one that will go unsolved probably.


I'm beginning to think the Pink Pistols have the right idea after all.


Exactly, Jamie. I have to say that Instapundit has made me a believer in the 2nd amendment. Like drugs, the more you try to regulate them the more they spawn an insidious black market that has unintended consequences. And if you're going to be irrational enough to threaten me because of my sexuality, you totally deserve a pistol in the face.

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