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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Michael S

Means you were there before that noisy ass disco opened up blaring it's drek through the area like some stinking sulfurous refinery smokestack in New Jersey. You enjoyed the skies, the closeness to Nature, the smells of clean, the beach alone with a dog, quiet dinners without the feeling you were missing something essential. Try to find that in a few weeks when they are quick stepping down the boardwalks like so many soldiers, all racing to get to Tea Dance. Remember there was no air of desperation, and those great photos show all that. Keep taking pictures, you have an eye for recording the way things are, and for later, the way they were.


i so can't wait to be there again.


Wow, you are a really good photographer. You really captured the spirit of th Island with those pics.


I love your recent photography. It looks like rub off on you :)

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