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Monday, March 06, 2006



Tch, knew the prospect of being right would draw you out eventually =)


did you notice how the NYT ran the headline? "At issue is gays in the military" That is most definitely NOT what's at issue here. sloppy partisan journalism.


Yeah, but isn't kind of fun to see the poor attempts at painting Ruth Ginsberg of all people as a homophobe?

Someone should find out how much money gay groups spent on this legal turd.


that's exactly what i said on Towleroad yesterday. What a huge, but unsurprising, waste of our resources. I said the only real enemy we have right now is ourselves. gay civil rights is our game to lose, and we're doing a bang-up job.


I'm just surprised that the Towleroad commenters were so ignorant and narrow minded. I mean, that never happens.

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