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Tuesday, November 22, 2005



We need Juicy Bits.


i'm busy!!




I love when you get all butch and demanding.


*notes that Aatom never ever checks his e-mail*


I'm afraid I must agree with Scott and mollycoddler: where are your posts? We love them ever so much.


no no Josh. i don't love them. i hate them. i love to hate them. :) i'm pretty much going to resort to playground nya-nya's now. Aatom's a doodyhead. He doesn't post because he has NOTHING TO SAY!!! NYA NYA.


well, i suppose an extremely rare comment from Josh is enough to spur me to action. sorry i've been so absent. i'm busy, tired and usually drunk, which might explain it a bit. i'll try to post a juicybits soon as well...

Christian Walner

I think we must pay attention to Latinamerica. Lot of people hates US and we have to think if Bush isn't to blame.


Why do you think a lot of people hate the US, Christian?

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