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Thursday, November 17, 2005



Perhaps your fellow subway riders saw you yourself weren't coming to your own defense, so thought why should they?


Foxy has a good point Aatom.

Is there a point in your mentioning her blackness? If she had been white would you have mentioned it? And yeah, take off the headphones and give it back to her.

So what if he mentions her blackness. Her 'blackness' was the one that came out of her face in the first place.


I'm right there with you, Aatom. Getting in a fight with her would have been letting her upset you - and that means she wins.

Stop apologizing. I live in New York and when confronted with a nut the only thing to do is go "passive face" and walk away. And, frankly, you didn't even have to tell us she was black.


You did something I would of done in not acknowledging her presence. I would of, though, done one thing different, walk away.


As far as I can tell, your point here is that people who know you would have come to your defense more readily than strangers did. The situations are not comparable, so the attempted comparison doesn't cast any light on the differences between NYC and Virginia specifically, or on blue and red states generally.


that was kind of my point, anapestic. i was just highlighting one instance where being surrounded by city-folk didn't make me feel any safer than being surrounded by rednecks. there is no tried or true formula for predicting how people will react to you or to a threatening situation you find yourself in. it's just an anecdote, i'm not trying to champion the red states or anything.

and i did walk away, VJ, right after I couldn't take any more of her idiocy.


Were you wearing one of those 'nobody knows I'm gay' t-shirts? How could she tell?


that's the part that really annoyed me, olivier. I was very much in personal space, nyc camo mode. I'm no rugby player, but it's not as if I pranced onto the train with a purse dangling from my arm (not that there's anything wrong with that.) it was just bizarre.


Haha! The image made me giggle. And I think you did the right thing. Pick your battles. I'd like to quote something said by the Buddha about 'the middle path' and general avoidance of violence but ...I guess I'm not that well read.

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