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Friday, May 13, 2005



The Sierra Club definitely should have sent a bicycle rikshaw to pick up Arianna and her luggage at the airport.

Really, there ARE legitimate uses of large capacity vehicles. And if there is any organization that uses them wisely, it's the nation's number one outdoor activity organization - the Sierra Club. They use their large vehicles to take people hiking, rafting, etc. They fill the vehicles with people and gear when they do it. The Suburban they picked Arianna in may well have been the Sierra Club's designated airport vehicle - with features for handicapped (something the Sierra Club is known for) and airpor parking sticker. It's amazing the hunger for fresh liberal blood. You suck, neocon scum, but you'll have to take your fangs elsewhere. The Sierra Club has their ass pretty well coveredon this one. But just like the Swiftboat Vets smear. By the time the undamming truth comes out, you won't be interested in hearing. Heck, someone thinks they just saw Sean Penn practicing archery somewhere so he has dashed his credibility as a pacifist.


I feel as if you may be missing the central point of this post, David, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Sierra Club.

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