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Tuesday, May 03, 2005



Big balls for a post considering YOU LIVE IN NEW JERSEY!!! 'bla bla bla it's only 15 minutes on the bus to Port Authority bla bla bla.' Basic truth: if you have to go through Port Authority at all, your life is dismal. Sorry. Aatom: Move to the city already. You know you want to. That's where all this misdirected Brooklyn hatred comes from. i'm sorry, but at least there's shit to do in Brooklyn. you have exactly one ghetto deli by your house in East New York (what a pathetic name for a town!). and that article you linked to sucks, too.


let it be known: i do NOT live in Brooklyn.. anymore...


I don't have to like Brooklyn just because I live in NJ, nor do I have to live in Manhattan in order to recognize it's obvious superiority. That's why I spend 80% of my time there, and the other 20% looking at the skyline through my huge windows on the river.

The problemm with Brooklyn is that you have a bunch of deluded hipsters and nouveau riche snobs who live, work and party there, pretending that they live in a real city while turning their noses up at those poor souls still trapped in Manhattan. At least I know the small jersey town I live in sucks, but it has a certain quaint charm for those times when I have to be there and it serves my purposes well - cheap rent for a humongous amount of space and within spitting distance of midtown. I eat at the lovely Cuban restaurant on the corner and my dry-cleaning bill is half of what yours would be.

It's West New York, btw. East New York is the slum in Brooklyn where you will be shot to death if you mistakenly go there looking for me.


Brooklyn has good dining and cheap cleaners, too, btw, as well as big windows and city views. It's important to remember it is still part of New York City, while West New York never will be. Move here already.

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