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Friday, April 29, 2005



I'll never forget when we saw her open for Tina Turner in Raleigh while she was pregnant with a purple afro. The bitch, at least 12 months pregnant, got down on the floor and rocked out, banging her fists against the ground. She is royalty. Oh yeah, do you also remember the ghetto Scooby Doo mystery van we went to the concert in? The one that Suzie drove straight into a roadsign at the entrance to your development (that word is so suburbs...) because we were so nervous that we would miss Cyndi perform?


yes, that's what we were - nervous. not insane and really stoned.

i've never really felt the compulsion to actually approach a celebrity and tell them that I'm a fan but I never even questioned myself last night, I had to tell her. OMG, I'm never washing my hands again after touching her!!!

juan penalosa

really really great way to weave in the "she's so unusual" reference. i smiled, big time, it was a perfectly placed sentence...

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