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Tuesday, June 05, 2007



What ever happened to originality? Faggot? Really? With the myriad of colorful choices available today, that boldly describe Gays, Faggot is the best people can come up with? I truly have lost faith in mankind.

Michael Safdiah

I know I probably got this exact quote from Socrates wrong, but he said it sorta like:

"If my mule calls me names, should it bother me?"


Joshua Foust

Maybe it's reactionary? The same way some idiots have problems with Black History Month? How dare gay people feel okay with themselves and all that?

I dunno, it was funny, in Denver, people would hoot and make whistling noises at the bar with the nice patio when we would hang out outside... but it always seemed more playful and mocking (you know, bears) than hateful. If that makes sense. It was odd, and everyone seemed to have fun shouting back, but it was otherwise harmless.

Sucks about the NJ types, though.


yes, I'm familiar with the more gentle ribbing that one tends to find in smaller college towns. Ironically, the urban variety here takes on a more viscious tone. The fact that they feel the need to shout from their cars more often than not doesn't speak very highly of their "manliness" though, does it? Maybe all of these years of gay gym culture have a deterrent effect.

Joshua Foust

Boulder is a smaller college town, not Denver :-)


got it. they lie somewhere between here and LA, correct?

Joshua Foust

Yawp - just west of central flyover country.

North Dallas Thirty

Personally, I think it has to do with the fact that most homophobes are also repulsive in other ways, and are thus eliminated when one goes outside the urban milieu and into the more-pragmatic prairies.

Or, phrased differently, people may not like the fact that the clean-cut and polite couple next door are gay, but they like them much better than the crazy nosepicker who accosts them on the street.


"our inevitable domination of civilization"

Lovely! Happy Pride!


He, he he...

Yelling "faggots" at the queens in June is a venerable NYC tradition. Hell, even among NYC-born and bred, Latino queens, we would drive up to Escuelita back in the 80s to hurl insults at the "cha-cha queens" (Latino queens who didn't speak English). I was in my early teens back then. So, my mere youth absolves me. And it was innocent, gay-on-gay meeting shade meeting absurd irony.

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